Development Resource Group (CDRG)

Concept Development Resource Group (CDRG)

Our group affiliates work together to streamline a construction or development project.  It is designed to facilitate all facets of the construction plan  with a primary focus on promoting a coordinated effort to simplify the experience.  This can mean expediting its design, integrate  a winning  strategy, lowering the development and construction costs while successfully completing the work in the shortest amount of time. The relationships within our resource alliance are specifically designed to advocate on behalf of the developer with resources for: Planning, Locating, Funding, offering  Project Investment & Partnering Opportunities, Design, Engineer, Finance, Demolish, Reconstruct, Renovate, Expand and/or build new.   Our  unique, combined network of experiences, established relationships and expertise  in all facets of this business space is what creates this powerful,  problem solving capability, promoting  your individual project and maximizing your overall investment

Collaborate on every detail of your project and offered measured solutions to promote your new business venture with our affiliates. Structured as a “Menu” of options to select from, each job is evaluated on a case by case basis where you can select the set of resources most appropriate for your development vision.  Concept Development Resource Group is a  "One Stop Resource Shop." 


 CDRG Services:

  • Business Planning / Building Cost Recovery Analysis
  • Site Location
  • Funding options: Government Grants, Tax Relief, Energy Incentives
  • Project Investment & Partnering Opportunities
  • Architectural Design & Engineering
  • Finance Land, Building, Equipment & Construction Costs
  • Demolition, Sitework, Foundations, General Construction, Design-Build & Construction Management Services


 (Access to "Shovel-ready" and "Brownfield" site development opportunities) 


For more information contact: Vince Ricotta  (VP Business Development) 

                                                                                   716.675-9171 x433

Concept Development Resource group (CDRG) is a strategic alliance which provides its customers with access to resources of the group.  Although working on behalf of our client in a team effort, alliance member's firms are separate and independent business and legal entities that are responsible for their own contacts, agreements, acts and omissions and each are separate and independent from one another.  Members of the CDRG alliance have access to each others resources but are not members of one another's firms.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Concept Development Resource Group
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Office: 716-675-9171
Fax: 716-675-6609


For more information contact Vince Ricotta